Sabac Red Freestyle (Blowout)

This one minute ten second freestyle from Sabac Red / Non Phixion just leaves me craving for more. The track is on the Turntable Anihilists Presents: Verses Vs. Beats – Blowout album which can be found on Amazon.

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Heinz (An MLG Pro) :: Halo: Reach Perfection Gameplay

This is a Halo: Reach Pit Team Slayer gameplay from MLG pro Heinz. In this gameplay, Heinz pretty much dominates with the sniper rifle for the entire game, picking up a multitude of headshots, including a nice under-pressure quickscope at 1:28 and a sweet through-the-crack headshot at 5:11 to take out the enemy sniper. Enjoy!

(21-0 in Pit Team Slayer With a Sharpshooter)

Source: FBWalshyFTW

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Jack Horner: Where are the baby dinosaurs? Where are the baby dinosaurs? In a spellbinding talk from TEDxVancouver paleontologist Jack Horner describes how slicing open fossil skulls revealed a shocking secret about some of our most beloved dinosaurs.

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ILM – Industrial Light & Magic: Creating The Impossible Documentary

This is an Encore Special about how Industrial Light & Magic changed cinema forever.

Runtime: 00:59:31

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Adam Ant – Pyramids Centre Portsmouth 2011

Last night I travelled with a friend to Portsmouth to watch Adam Ant perform live at the Pyramids Centre. The gig was packed out and the atmosphere was fun once everyone had got in the venue from queuing in the cold.

Adam Ant - Pyramids Centre Portsmouth Continue reading

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