Push The Art Pedal Right Through The Floor!

We are all capable of achieving what this man says. Don’t limit yourself by thinking you cannot express any form of artistic creativity.

Art can be presented through many different mediums. Anything that makes you think differently, realise a concept or manifest a thought intelligently and with purpose can be art.

It is never too late to learn a musical instrument, put pen to paper or a brush to canvas. Creativity is only limited by the amount of time put into the thought process and not by intelligence. Sure if you have the brain of a genius you can process and output faster but it doesn’t necessarily mean the final outcome will have soul and personality. These traits come with attention to detail which takes time, careful planning and thought out actions.

Try to never put yourself down by feeling inferior, unintelligent or uncreative. I’m sure a lot of people do or have done this including myself at certain periods in their life but we all have something to offer on a creative level. Refuse to let others project negative traits upon you. Thinking you are unintelligent or uncreative is an illusion, a trick that is oh so prevalent in society these days! And it’s extremely damaging to ones self confidence.

Confidence is key

If we can bring along a nation or world of people who have confidence through creativity and self awareness we would be a world confident enough to take control back for the people and away from the current hand full of families who believe we are incapable of ruling ourselves and in turn use our creativity to bring society into a new era of renaissance. We can move away from the ancient system of debt slavery that we are certified into from birth.

There is no auto correct in life.

Learn from your phone’s auto correct! Auto correct is a handy tool but it is also a good example of how lazy you can be by failing to learn words and making mistakes again and again.

As Terence Mckenna once said:

 “The real secret of magic is that the world is made of words, and that if you know the words that the world is made of you can make of it whatever you wish.”

Second guess all facts presented to you through what you may watch on television, take the time to relearn what you were taught at school you will be surprised just how much the school curriculum neglected to tell you or maybe you just didn’t pay enough attention! I know I didn’t. Studying shouldn’t end when you exit the education system.

Learn history so you understand where we are now. Don’t take the official story of anything as fact, that only serves to empower the agenda of those who invest their billions in banking on you looking no further. There is always more to know with any subject or event.

When you are wrapped up in someone or something closely take the time occasionally to step back and see things as a whole. Never spend to long focusing on one piece of the jigsaw puzzle or you will fail to see the big picture.

Don’t be scared of what others might think if you hold a different opinion. Speak your mind freely, listen and pick your time to speak openly. If you are wrong be open minded, humble, acknowledge and learn.

Turn off the TV. Seek out information that genuinely interests or inspires you.

The low standard of mainstream tv, news and popular culture is designed to keep you dumbed down. It’s not healthy for you or your kids. Stop consuming.

Converse and learn from each other instead or interact in a community whether that be online or offline.

Mainstream news is manipulated to cause fear or divide us and unfortunately although there are valuable lessons to be learnt from religions I have come to the conclusion that they all have been infiltrated and twisted for the same divide and rule agenda.

If you are true to a faith you will know to accept, love and forgive others no matter what they worship, do or say so there is no need for wars, this is at the core of all the oldest religions to exist throughout time. Extremism is hurting others and can be seen acted out by our own leaders through the unwillingness to deal with poverty, launching drone missile strikes or funding other corrupt leaders. It’s not just seen in Islam!

I class bombing a sovereign nation back to the Stone Age an act of radical extremism!

We do not have the right to kill in the name of divine right to rule. What kind of God would justify the right to kill another over land, resources or conquest of empire?

Get hit turn the other cheek.

My faith is love.

Every day there is a lesson to learn it’s up to you to study life and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. I don’t learn from my mistakes first time around a lot of the time and not many people do unless they are seriously profound mistakes like getting your hand stuck in a conveyor belt! But as I have grown I have seen myself recognising damaging situations and taking the opposite path. There comes a great sense of pride, self awareness and growth from consciously avoiding past mistakes.

I often consciously choose to continue making mistakes that are detrimental to my health and wellbeing, don’t we all! But recognising that they are mistakes shows that the learning process is active and that the logical conclusion will be presented when you need it or want it most. When the conclusion is presented we either choose to apply the necessary change for the better or continue along the learning curve of life where lessons become tougher and consequences potentially harsher. Only the truly arrogant, ignorant or foolish fail to reach a conclusion and act upon it eventually and I don’t believe I have any people in my close friends or family who fit into this category.

Life truly is a lesson and wisdom comes from paying attention to yours and others actions. The power we yield is incredible, don’t let others take it away or bring you down.

We are all one in the infinite consciousness we call life.

Never be afraid to express yourself creatively.

From the heart and off my chest.


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