Creepy Street Performer in Poole Town Centre

So there I was just a moseying my way through Poole town centre on my lunch break when I bumped into this delightful little feller. It’s not the first time I have seen this creepy street performer in Poole town centre and a couple of friends have informed me that they have also spotted him at Boomtown Fair and my hometown Weymouth Town.


I think this guy is great although I have no idea on what he calls himself and internet searches for some information have borne no fruit, if you know drop a comment as I would love to find out.

His performance involves playing his flute, making gestures to passers-by (as you can see in the photo I took) and running after scared kids he he.

If you hadn’t guest already the man or women! is sat inside the backpack with the manikin’s legs being his or her own. He is such a great and creepy street performer and I wish we had more creativity like this on our streets. Below is a video clip which my friend Sam Allen shot in November 2011.

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