White Zombie Live Concert Video (1993)

In the early 90’s one of the hottest bands on the groove heavy metal scene was White Zombie a four piece with a signature style fronted and founded by writer, vocalist, and graphic artist Rob Zombie with Sean Yseult on bass, Jay Yuenger on guitar and during the 93 period in the video below Phil Buerstatte on drums.


Back in 1993 the band were on tour after the success of their critically acclaimed album La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1 which spawned the all time classic singles Thunder Kiss ’65 and Black Sunshine. The band split in 1998 with Rob Zombie launcing a successful solo career winning a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance and later going on to establish a career as a film director, creating two of my favourite horror movies House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects.

I have been a White Zombie fan for many years with the 90’s era being my personal favourite so when I found the video below I was super stoked that it was a full concert and that someone had taken the time to upload it.

So enjoy the video below it was filmed August 10th 1993 – Norwalk, CT and is the full concert. Once again props to the person who took the time to upload it. If you like the music as much as me then I am sure you will get the same excitement I felt bubbling up inside when the band launch into Grindhouse and Rob starts doing his trademark zombie strutting around.

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