Where can I download stuff?

Where can I download stuff?

This is really just a follow up to my previous µTorrent post. If you are interested in obtaining media via the interweb for free then keep reading. First i will list the basic need to know about bittorrent then i will go on to list some sites that i have been using for some time. There are a few notes to remember when it comes to the Bittorrent community and that is registration and ratio. I will list below some different methods of searching for media.


The torrent file is not the file you aim to download, but a small file containing information where the bits of files are located and information of trackers. Bittorrent isn’t linear though; it randomly sends and receives pieces from random users connected via the same torrent file.


  • Leecher: That’s the guys that don’t have the complete file.
  • Seeder: Those that now have the entire file, 100%, and therefore only function to upload to those that haven’t got the whole thing yet.
  • Peers: All users connected to the same torrent. The more peers, the greater the speeds, providing there are enough seeders.
  • Tracker: The centre when you start up the torrent. In short – it connects you to other users and is also the thing that sends you messages to your client

How to download:

Head over to your favourite Bit torrent website which mind you don’t host files but simply host the .torrent file.When you find a torrent file online, you download it to your computer. Its recommended to keep the actual .torrent-file on your hard disk, in case you need to restart it. Now open the .torrent file in your bit torrent client, and tell it the place you want to store it. It starts download the minute the tracker has picked up on you being amongst the peers. Most tracker needs AT LEAST a few minutes to pick up, so leave it alone for a while.

Publics torrent search.

Here is a list of search engines that i have been using for years. Just enter what you looking for and hit search. The advanced search settings can be handy for rare or hard to find stuff.

isoHunt - the BitTorrent and P2P search engine btjunkie - the largest bittorrent search engine Torrentini.com - bitorrent meta search engine
Mininova : The ultimate BitTorrent source! Download music, movies, games, software and much more. Torrents Search Engine

Private torrent networks.

There are many private torrent networks out there and instead of me listing them below i will just provide you with one link for an index of torrent sites. Private networks require you to sign up before you can start to browse and download the files, the reason behind this is to cut down on leechers and combat virus or bad file uploads. These sites usually also implement a ratio system which means that they require you to upload as much as the file as you download. Failure to do this will result in a ban this stops people from hit and run downloading.

Heres an exmaple


You can see here i have a 1.02 ratio which is good and is what is needed to not get banned. There are advantages to a private network and these can be faster releases of movies, software, games and music and generally higher quality files. Also because people are required to share the download speeds can be significantly faster and i often find that i max out my connection on these networks.

You may find that a lot of these sites have closed registration due to maxing out there user limit. If this is the case then all i can recommend is to regularly
re visit or find someone who has an invitation code and ask nicely.

click this image for the bittorrent index site.
TorrentResource.com, the largest archive's list to the best torrent sites of the Web.

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